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so i bought the game but once i unzip the and open the game and then close it I'm not able to open the game again without redownloading the entire game and doing the zip process. Is there any way to get support help to fix it so I won't have to redownload the entire game everytime I want to play?

I enjoy your games quite a bit, Richard, but I have found a problem: my left shift is broken, and the quick-time events seem to only want left shift. I doubt you'd have someone around to patch this, but ... am I doomed to fail this game if I fail the QTEs?

OK, I confirmed I can beat levels even if I fail the QTE. This is no longer a major priority.


Really like your game !

Does anyone know the @ or the name of the model in the second picture, with her back facing the camera?

Hi Hello before I buy the game is Mahmoud in the game please respond


haha.  No he's not but he's referenced at one point.  Anyway I think SS3 is the best of the 3 games.  

Is this the only version of the game that was released? I bought it through games planet a while ago but wanted to make sure this was the same version. 

Yes it's the same version.  Thanks for buying!  

i bought this game already but it says i still have to buy it

Hmm that's an issue with right?  Need to ask them.  

Thanks for the game, Richard


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Hey :)  Sounds like an error.  Can you ask their support?  Sorry that you had problems!

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Hey!  If you look on Steam at the discussion forums for SS1 and SS2, some people have black screen errors and there are some fixes suggester.  unfortunately I don't think there is one fix that works for everyone, but there are a few there and hopefully one will work!  

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Here it is:

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yes sure, but can it be done through  I'm not sure how I can do it if I am the one who is supposed to do it.

I purchased this game here on itch and I see on GamesPlanet there is bonus content that can be purchased. Will this become available to purchase here? If not, am I able to purchase it there and it work seamlessly with the version I purchased here at itch. Amazing game!!!! Excited to watch the bonus material.

Hey :)  The bonus material is stuff like interviews so yes it can be bought separately.  I guess we should add them here too, will try to do that in the next two weeks.  


Hi. Still looking forward to experiencing that bonus material here on


let me get on it now!  

It's there!

Appreciate it!

Hey richard.  Your games are awesome!!! Wife thinks they are hilarious as well!!


richard is the goat

no cap